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i-fitness Turnhout

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i-fitness Turnhout was the first i-fitness club in Belgium and formed the base for all our other clubs.

At i-fitness Turnhout you can do both Cardio & Strength exercises and group lessons under the guidance of our trained and certified trainers. You’ll use the newest and best material on the market to do this.

At i-fitness Turnhout, you’ll find the best price-quality for an all-in club in the region.

Have a visit and have a look for yourself!

Group Lessons

Going to the gym isn’t only about power and cardio training. A lot of our members come to the club for our group lessons. Together you'll discover new ways to push your body to its limits.


BBB is a muscle strengthening training targeting the belly, buttocks and legs. In a relatively short period of time you will notice results. Because of the dynamics of the specific muscle strengthening exercises, muscle building and fat burning will increase.

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Belly Muscle Session

A 30 minute group workout to strengthen the belly muscles.

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Bodypump is the original barbell-lesson with muscle strengthening excercises for your whole body. During this 60 minute work-out, all your muscles will be triggered with a selection of techniques in the PT-room. Squats, presses, lifts and curls. Fantastic music, professional instructors and your own choice of weights will give you the result you’re looking for… and fast!

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Indoor Cycling Extreme

Indoor Cycling is a work-out where you’ll ride a bike on the rhythm of powerful music. Together with you inspiring coach you’ll conquer rough terrain passed mountains, long stretches of land, time-races and interval trainings. You’ll discover your inner athlete and reach your endorphin top by sweating and burning calories. This session expects that extra push and effort.

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LesMills BodyAttack

BodyAttack is a sporty workout where you will build up strength and endurance. This intensive interval training is a combination of aerobics movements and exercises targeting strength and stabilization. Dynamic instructors and powerful music will motivate everyone to reach his or her fitness goal, from the weekend sporter to the real hardcore participant!

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LesMills BodyBalance

BodyBalance is a workout with yoga, Tai Chi and pilates. Flexibility and strength will be built up so that you will feel focused and calm. Controlled breathing, concentration and carefully crafted stretch exercises, movements and postures to music will create a holistic workout that will bring the body in a state of harmony and balance.

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LesMills Bodystep

LesMills BodyStep is the energetic workout that will give you a free and fit feeling. Using a height-adjustable step and easy movements on, over and around the step, good music and accessible instructors, you will be extra motivated and be brought to higher performances. The cardio songs will ensure fat burning in a higher acceleration, followed by muscle strengthening tracks that will make your body even more beautiful and tight.

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Pilates is form of excersise with belly and pelvic area control. Your whole body will strengthen. Control and proper implementation are central: breathing and consciousness to make the right muscles work form the base of each exercise. As a result you will get long muscles, smooth joints and a strong balanced body.

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Piloxing is a cardio mix of standing pilates, boxing and dance that will push your limits to become a stronger, more powerful and more attractive version of yourself. The program offers the unique combination of strength, speed and mobility of the boxing, combined with the agility and muscle formation by pilates. During these techniques there will be use of weighted gloves to give your arms more shape and to maximize your general condition.

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Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga est une forme dynamique et athlétique du yoga. Les différentes poses de yoga se suivent en douceur au rythme de la respiration. Nous renforçons le corps et le rendons plus vital et agile. Une leçon intéressante pour les débutants car chaque pose peut être adapté à tout organisme.

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XTRM Fit is a 60 minutes long exercise on circuit machines, combined with ground exercises, weights,…, based on strength and condition. It’s perfect for those who want to sweat during 30 minutes!

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Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga (repairing yoga): During this lesson we’re going to focus to avoid putting the muscles in too much stress. 3 Minutes per pose is what we’ll do. By doing this, we’re working our connective tissue, tendons and ligaments. We create more room in our joints and will repair the muscles faster and more efficiently.

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Zumba is a workout based on Latin rhythms of rumba, salsa, merengue and samba. Traditional fitness steps have been adapted to the faster pulse.

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i-Combat is the powerful cardio-workout where you’ll loosen up your body. The intensive and energetic session is inspired on the Eastern art of combat and has influences of many disciplines, like Karate, Boxing, Taekwondo, Tai Chi and Muay Thai. Supported by great music and an enthusiastic instructor, you’ll punch, kick and kata your way through the lesson and burn lots of calories.

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BBB is a muscle strengthening training targeting the belly, buttocks and legs. In a relatively short period of time you will notice results. Because of the dynamics of the specific muscle strengthening exercises, muscle building and fat burning will increase.

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Choosing for i-fitness has everything to do with our approach. We invest heavily in the newest equipment and keeping them up and running. Hygiene and clean clubs are also one of our priorities.

Big Screen Entertainment

All the important sport-events live on our big screen!

Circuit Training

The new Life Fitness Circuit Series are the ideal solution for everyone who wants to gain strength. This equipment is perfect for members who’ve just started, but also give more advanced members variation in their work-out scheme. They’re very easy to use and offer you a complete work-out, also for members who don’t have much time.


Do you want to lose weight, improve your overall condition, strengthen your body? Our team will guide you with the right approach and custom training plans towards your goals.

Free Parking

As an i-fitness member, you can park your car around the club.

Infrared Sauna

Relax after working out. Our infrared sauna will relax your muscles and purify your whole body.


Stronger muscles in 1-2-3? It’s possible thanks to the PowerPlate! With only 3 sessions of 15 minutes per week you’ll be able to see good results. These vibrating plates are based on the priciples of Acceleration Training™, where the natural reactions of the body on vibrations are stimulated. These vibrations send energy waves through the body and make your muscles flex 25 to 50 times per second. Training on the PowerPlate has a lot of advantages: An immediate improvement of the blood circulation, more muscle strength, a better flexibility, an increased bone density and less cellulitis.

Table Tennis

i-fitness members can use our Table Tennis equipment for warming up or to play an intensive game in between fitness excersises.

Virtual Trainer

On our different cardio machines you’re able to generate a training program and analyze your training afterwards. Go to the website of Virtual Trainer and create a profile. Create a training plan, come to our club, and log-in on the machine of your choice. That way you can perfectly measure how well you’re training.


The i-Corner offers free WiFi access and an internet corner for those who don’t have a laptop or smartphone with them. You can also enjoy our free coffee.

Big Screen Entertainment

All the important sport-events live on our big screen!

Practical Info

i-fitness Turnhout

Brugstraat 43

2300 Turnhout

Phone: +32 (0) 14/70 96 01

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BE50 1430 7444 8918

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BE 0475.227.051

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